Our services portfolio is designed in order to guarantee our clients’ needs in legal consultancy and advisory, representation in judicial and extra judicial proceedings, arbitrations and conciliations in the areas of public and private law:


Constitutional Law

We counsel our clients in the protection of their fundamental rights and collective interests through the exercise of the corresponding legal actions, unconstitutional legal actions and class and compliance legal actions.

Public and Administrative Law

We provide advisory representing our clients before the different public authorities when submitting claims and recourses in order to exhaust the administrative proceeding, such as the judicial representation in ordinary administrative proceedings (nullity, nullity and restoration of rights and direct reparation) and special administrative proceedings (coercive jurisdiction and electoral).

State Contracts

We provide advice both to individuals and legal entities (contractors and comptrollers) during the different phases of the process leading to the execution of a contract with the Government, including judicial representation in contractual and executive legal actions, especially in topics related with concession agreements.

Criminal Law

We act before the judicial authorities both in criminal defense and civil legal actions.

Disciplinary Law

We act before the National Attorney General’s Office and public authorities pursuing the defense’s interests in disciplinary actions.

Fiscal Liability

We represent our clients before the National General Comptroller and the territorial comptrollers within fiscal liability proceedings.

Commercial and Civil

We provide counsel in matters related with company law and commercial businesses, and we represent before the judicial authorities in commercial and civil proceedings.

Social Security

We provide advice in procedures related with claims and requests in this particular subject before the competent authorities as well as in judicial proceedings.

Economic Law and Environmental Law

We give advice in matters related with domestic public services, antitrust law and consumers’ rights, urban development, tax incentives granted by environmental legislation and related matters.

Informatics Law

We provide assistance in informatics law, contracts, especially software licensing agreements, legal liability, copyrights, intellectual property and conflicts resolutions.

Right to Good Name, Image and Rectification of Information

We advise and promote administrative and judicial actions for the defend against fake news, harmful and damaging information of the good name and image in social networks, search engines and electronic information providers.

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